The Ed Banger Garage Sale Is A Real Thing
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The Ed Banger Garage Sale Is A Real Thing

It’s within urban legend that once a year legendary French label Ed Banger have a street garage sale. Thinking that this was but a mere myth we have been proven wrong. One lucky fan was there last year to help clear out the inventory and you wouldn’t believe the incredible memorabilia at hand all captured in a slew of pictures!

“I was living with my G/F in Paris for the month of September last year just for the hell of it. We chose Paris because of my affinity for Ed Banger and French Electronic music in general (we saw Gesaffelstein, Vitalic LIVE, Crookers, went to the Rex Club and Inox Park festival). I found out about this sale on EdRec’s twitter the night before it happened, and I was staying just two subway stops away.”

Being a big fan, Busy P’s (who’s currently on the Holy Ship mucking around with Boys Noize) brother Thomas Winter gave the lucky bugger a tour of the chaotically messy and cool office.

Pretty much got us feeling like…

Check out the photos below!

Ed Banger bear
Ed Banger Simian
Ed Banger garage sale
Ed Banger garage
Ed Banger tees
Ed Banger stickers
Ed Banger merch
Ed Banger
Ed Banger office 1
Ed Banger Recs
Ed Banger 1
Ed Banger loot
Ed Banger cd pack
Ed Banger CD


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