Skrillex Is Cookin’ Up A New Ridiculously Named Genre

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Skrillex Is Cookin’ Up A New Ridiculously Named Genre

During a recent interview post tearing apart Winterfest in Utah, OWSLA boss Skrillex has spilled what’s brewing at his label with one particularly unusual statement standing out.

Amongst the exciting news that his collaborative project Jack U with Diplo has a possible album on the way, he also mentioned a Dutch artist by the name of Wiwek.

Sonny opened up on the new genre Wiwek is creating, calling it ‘Jungle Terror’. After saying that, he holds back from saying ‘it’s the next shit’ and instead says ‘new shit’.

So what the HELL is jungle terror? Skrillzy descibes it as, ‘All animal sounds and crazy organic.’

I’m no scientist, but my translation of Skrillzy’s statement is, it’s like the vegan answer to dance music. Right?

Source: Billboard


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