Police Seize A Buttload Of Lethal Superman Pills
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Police Seize A Buttload Of Lethal Superman Pills

It finally looks like the Police department in the UK has served some cold hard ‘pressed’ justice in finding a big load of the Superman pills. The pills that have devastatingly killed four people over the holiday period just been are said to contain the toxic filler PMA (phenoxymethylamphetamine).

BBC News has reported a batch of 400 pills were found in a “public place” in Ipswich on Sunday. Could this have been a dealer feeling guilty about potentially hurting users and looking to hand them in while not getting caught?

Three arrests in total have been made in total including a 19-year-old man that will appear in court on January 15th. The other two on similar charges have been released on bail.

Will England consider introducing testing kits to both club nights and festivals? This could be a sure fire way to be more transparent with party drugs and ensure citizen safety. Let’s not hide from the issue. Let’s take the issue head on.

source: BBC


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