Kilter Hits The Studio With An AIM Student
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Kilter Hits The Studio With An AIM Student

Late last year we approached the Australian Institute Of Music to team up on a cool idea. With access to AIM’s kitted out studios, we approached producer and multi-instrumentalist Kilter and opened a call out for demos, offering two budding producers the opportunity to work with him!

The results were one AIM student producer (Pat Blake) and one non-AIM student producer (James Chatburn) popping in for a session each in December. With a camera man handy and the keys to AIM steady in hand, we hit up the Sydney facilities.

In the first session, Pat Blake came to the studio with a song dubbed ‘Well Now’. With Kilter’s assistance, they refined and polished the track. Take a look at the full experience below and download the track for free!

AIM’s studios are available to all enrolled students. For anyone interested in moving their career in the realm of dance music, check out theĀ Bachelor of Music course that focuses on Composition & Music Production.


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