Have The Deadly Superman Pills Been Rebranded?
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Have The Deadly Superman Pills Been Rebranded?

Have there been more deadly pills pressed with a new symbol on it?

The superman pills that have been circulating the streets of the UK have been potentially pressed under a different symbol. The drug has become infamous over the christmas period after killing four party goers at four different locations across England. Since these tragedies a pile of 400 superman pills was found in Suffolk by Police.

Drug expert Dr Adam Winstock of the Global Drugs Survey had a stern message for everyone quoting;

“Don’t assume that because a pill has a different logo, it is safe. I guarantee if there is someone dodgy out there, they won’t be pressing more pills with the superman logo on.”

According to pill report, if you take a superman pill, you will feel “agitated” followed by “nausea, shaking, blurred vision, overheating and anxiety”. It’s meant to contain a toxic chemical PMA also known as methoxyamphetamine.

Is it time for governments to change drug policies to ensure a safer use of something that exists in our society? With Australian’s spending billions of dollars on naughty stuff, this is a question that needs to be asked.

Source: Mixmag


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