Watch A 3 Minute Brawl At Stereosonic

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Watch A 3 Minute Brawl At Stereosonic

Yesterday we laughed at the Perth Stereosonic punter who took fans for a ride with his spot on Steve Aoki impersonation that fooled many and today something a little scarier, a 3 minute brawl at the Sydney leg of the festival.

Captured by attendee Jake Borri during the day time is a free for all that includes a man getting knocked out cold and a continuous barrage of punches being thrown even with security on hand for at least two minutes of the foray.

What makes this worse is security don’t even detain one of the main instigators who can be seen walking off near the end of the video.

Even though Police were quick to condemn the amount of drugs seized and the dangers the pose there was no reports onĀ arrests for violence or antisocial behaviour such as this which is a huge problem in Australia and has led to the New South Wales lockout laws.

There was talk of up to three major brawls during the day.

Ps never forget leg day

leg day stereo fight


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