Photos of abandoned clubs are nothing new, we've covered our fair share here and here but the latest still remains an eye opener to a time and place before most of us were even an idea to our parents.

That's why Antonio La Grotta's collection of images taken of nine former Italian nightclubs plays an important role in capturing what the culture was like over a decade ago in the dance, well disco world!

“Discotheques, the symbol of 80s and 90s hedonism, were fake marble temples adorned with Greek statues made of gypsum, futuristic spaces of gigantic size, large enough to contain the dreams of success, money, fun of thousands people.”

“And then the dreams are gone, people disappeared and nightclubs became abandoned wrecks, cement whales laid on large empty squares, places inhabited by echo and melancholy.”

Check out a handful of images below before looking at the whole collection here.

source: FACT > Antonio Lagrotta