How Badly Do You Want A Daft Punk Lego Set?
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How Badly Do You Want A Daft Punk Lego Set?

There’s something so nostalgic about LEGO and now with the possible introduction of a Daft Punk set based on the the ‘Alive 2007’ tour among things has next levelled our anxiety in hoping this becomes a real thing!

See the clever sods over at LEGO have a system in place where by avid fans can create their favourite sets using existing and custom pieces, they can then submit it and with 10,000 votes it sort of goes through a process in a chance of it becoming a real thing.

Creator Autorazr has bold plans but wants to share the Daft Punk/LEGO love with kits that could mean re-creating anything be it;

– “Tron” themed creations.
– ALIVE 2007 stage.
– Classic music videos like “Around The World” and “Robot Rock.”
– “Electroma” inspired sets, like the duo’s Ferrari.
– “Interstella 5555.”

Strangely Auto’ hasn’t mentioned anything of ‘RAM’, the robots latest album but that hasn’t stopped the support of LEGO themselves who hit the pun-factory for a reply when the project hit 1000+ supporters;

This project is speeding and it isn’t stopping. This project didn’t just get lucky, the detail and thought behind the project speaks for itself.  Just make sure you celebrate 1,000+ supporters by losing yourself to the dance!

Now it’s up to us to support the thing that’s already clocked over 5,000 of the much needed 10,000 votes and hope that Daft Punk we’re like us mere mortals and played with LEGO as kids.

Can you imagine your kids playing with Daft Punk LEGO? Would bring a twinkle to the eye… So sign here and be sure to spread the word!

daft punk lego 2
daft punk lego 1

source: Pages Digital


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