Aphex Twin just shared 30 unreleased tracks
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Aphex Twin just shared 30 unreleased tracks

Following an interview with Noyzelab last week, Aphex Twin has gone and shared more than 30 never before heard tracks! These include early takes of tracks from ‘Syro,’ a bunch of experiments on his early modular synthesisers and outtakes from his performances with an orchestra at London’s Barbican Centre, Poland (where he played with a ‘remote control orchestra’) and more.

Some of it is amazing, while others are just “a fucking racket,” as described by the man himself.

The interview is really interesting too. Not only does he share some great anecdotes about some of the live outtakes we get to hear, but he goes delightfully in depth about his studio equipment, as well as sharing loads of great photos of his gear.

Read the full interview here and listen to the tracks below.



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