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Adelaide x Sydney singer/songwriter Elena Nees has just released her debut EP ‘3’ and it’s arguably one of the finest independent, Australian releases this year. She’s enlisted the help of 3 up and coming South Australian producers, each of them bringing something unique to the EP on the whole. Both Oscilla and Souda have recently featured on Stoney Roads so we’ll start things off with Valleys.

Hands – Valleys X Allume

Very rarely do you hear the words ‘pop’ and ‘progressive’ used to describe the same track, but ‘Hands’ is exactly that. At 5.30 long it’s not something you would necessarily expect to hear on the radio but after listening to it in the car, windows down on a 35 degree day I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ll be hearing a bit of this one over the coming summer. I don’t know why I’m feeling Rufus type vibes on this, maybe its the tropical and house feels… maybe I’ve lost the plot. Either way you’ll be hearing this one poolside during the coming months.

Secrets – Oscilla X Allume

It doesn’t seem that long since we featured Oscilla and Allume’s first collaborative effort ‘Colours‘ now here we are for round 2. ‘Secrets’ is both down-tempo and uplifting. Definitely inspired by modern Australian electronic music but with a very unique twist. Genre wise it’s difficult to place but really enjoyable listening regardless.

Control – Souda X Allume

More incredible, ambient electronica from Adelaide bro Miles Smith aka Souda. It’s great to see the Untzz/Big Doint producer taking a quick break from the world of thumping techno to work on his chilled out alter ego. ‘Control’ might have a little more pop than some of his earlier work, but thanks to the Elena’s smoky yet strong vocals it all sounds right. Bonobo feels throughout.


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