5 Halloween Costumes To Rave In

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5 Halloween Costumes To Rave In

Yep another halloween ‘costumes list’ but ours will be killer, why? Well we have no real means to actually justify that but you’re here now so let’s have some fun because we’re all friends here right? Right!

Speaking of friends we’re headlining a special halloween freak-fest; an infamous friendship set with our boys the Purple Sneakers and a stack of other legends in the Sick Party Good Basement known as ‘Meanwhile‘ this Friday.

Now that unashamed plug is out of the way it’s now time to get down and dirty with some freaky Friday Halloween outfits.

House / Garage


Everyone loves house music in the 2010s, it’s been like every fanboy/fangirl’s total life since 4eva! Why not cash in on that love like every other fool right now and come dressed as an actual house?! The opportunities are endless but consider throwing a bucket hat on the chimney for extra points.

Don’t forget your best buddy around the back though; Garage aka house costume wrapped in tin foil. Fun!

The Sydney Lockout Laws


A gigantic penis costume wrapped in police tape grasping your favourite glass of grange? An adorable sexy homeless kitten outfit with a novelty sized watch permanently stuck on 1:31? How about a crew of big pizza slices with ‘For Lease’ signs around theirs necks or even a Maude Lovejoy outfit routinely screaming in the club ‘WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN’

Actually dressing up as the new Sydney Lockout Laws calls for some creativity but make sure its an outfit that demands everyone’s attention at the same time leaving people constantly questioning what you’re doing there.

Young EDM Stars

Steve Aoki

Deadmau5 mau5 heads have been done, Japanese girls putting on a goatee and going for the Steve Aoki is so 2009 and don’t get me started about your Skrillex outfit. If you must dress up as your favourite EDM superstars why not delve into their yearbooks and go for the retro version?

Pre-millionaire geek king Calvin Harris, Candy raver Deadmau5, Sonny Moore from from First To Last, baby Afrojack inside a Ferrarri (oh wait, he’s made it very clear that didn’t happen) the opportunities here are endless!

Golden Features / Zhu 

golden features

This one is cheeky and must be proceeded with a little caution because if you dress effectively enough as one of these electronic music enigmas? You just might be swamped with groupies and bros with soundcloud links ready to go.

The Golden features outfit is easy: gold mask, back shirt and you’re done! Zhu is a little more tricky because he doesn’t actually have a look so for the lazy type just dress up to the nines in the Zhu attitude and you should be set.



Saving the best for last yo! Wrap around sunglasses (preferably coloured lenses) and headphones permanently around your neck? Check! Pasted on soul patch? Check! Red hair dye on a short-back-and-sides hair do? Check and Check. Dress it up in Euro athletic gear and you’re on your way to party glory dadadadadadun!


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