Collaborating, Euphoria and Food Fetishes: A Chat with Caribou

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Collaborating, Euphoria and Food Fetishes: A Chat with Caribou

Dan Snaith is a man of many talents – only one of them falling into the sphere of pop-electro moniker Caribou. Upon listening to singles from album ‘Our Love’ (set for release on October 3rd) the new sound was subsequently uplifting and contemplative. 

Giving Dan a call at his Netherlands hotel room (7am his time), Izzy Combs encountered a sleepy but succinct Snaith, who came right off the bat when asked about his recent Bestival performance stating,

‘It’s the end of the summer festival season here so it felt like really going out with a bang…this is how a festival should be.’

Wanting to know what a festival should NOT be, Snaith surprised;

I guess the ones that we’ve never played include SXSW. That’s my idea of what a festival should not be because it’s all about marketing and promotion and half the people you’re playing to are A&R people. I’ve always avoided it…’

Reflecting on the record, Snaith gave some food for thought;

‘ The whole thing is a kind of reflection on love and my life and the life of people close to me for the happier moments and the more melancholic moments…its different from previous Caribou records people might have been following.’

‘One of the things that I love most about music is the ability to have contradictions right next to each other – it’s a unique artform like that, it can be melancholy and euphoric at the same moment, not even next to each other, just at the same time… We live in a world where light and dark is all jumbled up and music is uniquely good at conveying those two things together.’

Not that would be our last talk of food – as he was ‘grilled’ about being a food enthusiast…

‘You make it sound like some kind of fetish… we played in a club called Luxe which is in Lisbon… I don’t know what kind of cheese they use, but they make these grilled cheese sandwiches and the guy who runs the club knows that myself and Keiran (Four Tet) knew that we would be hungry and he just arrived with this plate of food for us and hell, it hit the spot.’

With plenty more insights into the new album, collaborating and the live performance- read the enlightening interview here.


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