Mercer Talks French Friends, Vodka and Chocolate, Hates Spiders [Interview]

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Mercer Talks French Friends, Vodka and Chocolate, Hates Spiders [Interview]

Hard Summer, TomorrowWorld, E.D.C & Webster Hall in New York, Sundance in Montreal. These are just the tip of the ice-berg for Mercer’s extensive touring schedule for the last 18 months.

He’s produced some absolute bangers, from “Welcome to the Jungle”, to “Lunatic” to “Bangla” – the last two tracks hugely successful collaborations. His current track “Murder Dem”, a creation made in partnership with Autoerotique and released on Dim Mak records, has been performing well on Beatport since its release late July.

Throughout the last year and further, he’s been garnering support from other big names to the likes of Tiesto, Nicky Romero, Fedde le Grand & Hardwell. If his name isn’t top of mind to you now, no doubt that he’s on his way there!

With BBE delivering another stand out talent for our consumption Mercer is here for a six stop tour which kicked off at the Villa in Perth on Friday. He took the time to chat with us about his musical journey, vodka & chocolate and what we can expect from his live shows.

SR: First and foremost welcome to Australia! Your close friend and collaborator DJ Snake (Paris) was here last year for his first Australia/New Zealand tour. Has he influenced your expectations of our country and the Aussie fans? Any place you particularly want to visit or see?

M: Thank you! Really excited about this first time in Australia since Snake told me he really enjoyed his tour. I want to visit the most famous cities like Sydney or Melbourne, of course, but I want to discover some smaller spots also like Newcastle.

SR: 2013 was a break out year for you with notable tracks ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ & ‘Supreme’. Sometimes when an artist experiences a ‘quick rise to fame’, the hard work and dedication getting there gets a little lost in the background. Did you always know you wanted your career to be based around creating music or was it all because you sucked at Maths in high school?

M: Both! I spent the two last years in the studio and I also worked a lot. I failed at the national test because I really suck at Maths!

SR: Did the pursuit of a career in music ever get tough enough for you to question your choice? Or did you always have faith in what you had to offer?

M: I’m not obsessed by my career plan. Selfishly, I do the music that I want to play and listen to.

SR: I sense, from your social media, that you enjoy your Vodka and your chocolate. If you had to go a week or two without one, which would you give up?

M: Lol. Vodka, of course. I can’t live without chocolate.

SR: Since this is your first tour in Australia, I’d just like to let you know a couple of interesting facts. The good news is that we are the only continent in the world without an active volcano. But, this glorious country is home to the deadliest spider and approximately six of the top ten most deadly snakes of the world. Apart from your now induced fear of spiders and snakes, is there anything else that you’re scared of or can’t stand?

M: Good question! I’m an arachnophobe…so I’ll let you imagine how on my guard I am when I’m in town!

SR: You’ve previously acknowledged the (music) vibes coming out of Paris. Are there any Parisian artists that you’d like to give a shout out to as ‘one to watch’?

M: Paris has a lot of talented musicians. I’ve got a lot of friends making some pretty good music. Tchami, who you already know. Sebastien Benett as well. We are releasing a track together in September. Aazar, who’s coming out with some crazy tunes too. Just to name a few.

SR: What can Aussie fans expect from your live sets?

M: Of course, I’m playing a lot of my tracks. I’ve made some new bootlegs and special edits but I’m playing some brand new tunes too. I love to test my new music on tour and see how people react.

SR: Is Mercer, the artist, a lot different to the guy that you are without the sunglasses and away from the music?

M: Yeh. Actually, I’m a blonde girl with long hair when I’m home.

SR: As an artist in general, what type of music legacy do you want to leave behind?

M: It’s a heavy task, but simply, I would like to leave something positive and energetic that made people dance.

Mercer is coming to a town near you with these remaining shows:
Thurs 14th – Neighbourhood @ Apple Bar, Adelaide
Fri 15th – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sat 16th – The Met, Brisbane

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