Keys N Krates Talk New “Every Nite” EP, Touring, and Favorite Cities On Tour

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Keys N Krates Talk New “Every Nite” EP, Touring, and Favorite Cities On Tour

In 2008, Canadian trio Keys N Krates wanted to do something rad and unique with music. Instead of three dudes just DJing on turntables, they decided to give people a live electronic experience which resulted in a hip hop, electronic jam session that gave live performances a whole new meaning. With playing alongside big names like Skrillex, Pretty Lights, and Zed’s Dead and remixing tracks from artists like Drake and Jay-Z, the guys introduced audiences to their unique style and input on dance music. In 2013, “SOLOW”, their critically acclaimed EP, was released on Dim Mak Records with their hits “Treat Me Right” and “Dum Dee Dum” premiering on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 program. “Every Nite,” their new EP, is set to be released September 23th along with a massive tour starting September in Phoenix and halting in Carborro in November. Check out what the fellas had to say about their upcoming tour, making tracks, and their favorite cities to visit while touring.

Describe your music to people who aren’t familiar with it.
Matisse: Weird Rap Beats that evoke emotion and dancing.

“Every Nite” EP comes out September 23rd. What makes this EP different/unique?
Flo: We kind of looked at it as making a mini-album.. Something you could sit down and listen to at home and vibe out to, but also take into a party context. The overall sound is banging hip hop drums, synths, pitched up vocals and all the things that make up our sound.

Tour starts September 18th – what are your goals or expectations and what venue/location you are most excited for?
Tune: We are excited to play everywhere! We love playing Chicago, NYC, and L.A. but we’ve also had some of our best shows in small markets like Albuquerque, Milwaukee or Phoenix. We want to bring our sound to as many places as we can.

Process of making a track….do you normally all get together or create a sound and play off each other?
Matisse: Basically, someone will bring in an idea, whether it’s a chopped up sample, a drum groove, or a synth line, and if the others dig it, we will all start messing with it and trying to build around it. We keep going until we either hate it or have a song that we all dig. Oh ya, and there’s always a lot of arguing. That’s key to making our tracks. Arguments.

When you need some inspiration, what is your “go to” song that gets you pumped up and motivated?
Tune: Right now we are kind of all feeling that HudMo song “Chimes.” Can’t really deny that.

What’s your worst travel experience?
Flo: Maybe driving 36 hours home (to Toronto) from South Padre. That really sucked.

What is the best event you’ve played or that event that stands out the most?
Matisse: Lollapalooza was a highlight for all of us because we had a crazy set, and the festival just has a very cool vibe, and it Lollapalooza. Electric Forest is also up there, because how crazy the production and installations are there, and the crowd is just ready to rage. They’ve really made E.F. an experience.

What track that has taken the longest to make?
Flo: Probably “Understand Why” off our new ep. That track was a beyatch. We did like 20 versions of it. It was insane and we almost all killed each other in the process.

Where do you want to see yourselves in a year?
Matisse: We just want to keep making the music we like on our own terms and keep expanding our fan base that is into what we do. If we are doing that, then we’ll be happy.

How do you “run the trap?” Describe it to someone who has no idea what that means.
Flo: Haha. No clue! It kind of sounds like a form of exercise though, doesn’t it?

Make sure you preorder their new single “Are We Faded”, out August 26th, on itunes and catch one of their can’t miss shows in a city near you!

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