Has Aphex Twin’s New Album ‘Syro’ Been Streaming For a Whole Year?

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Has Aphex Twin’s New Album ‘Syro’ Been Streaming For a Whole Year?

A mysterious Soundcloud account is streaming all of the tracks from the new Aphex Twin album ‘Syro’ with some of the songs strangely uploaded a full year ago.

Dubbed comically as the ‘Cydez’ album and uploaded by richrud d jomes the thing has some legs as being somewhat legit with fans of Danny Daze and KiNK, both who posted it up this morning on their socials thinking its the real deal but sped or pitched up.

Personally we think its Richie having a laugh, using the basic bits and pieces of most of his songs to tease us until the real thing is released sometime this year.

The full set was updated only a day ago on the eve of the official announce of the album following the weirdness that was hiding the tracklisting in the deep web, as well as the sighting of an Aphex Twin blimp flying over London – with this stunt not seeming that weird in comparison and probably our favourite of the three!

Is it the real deal? Is Richie pulling out leg again?


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