Government Goof Up, Warehouse Party ‘Renaissance’ Is On Hand

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Government Goof Up, Warehouse Party ‘Renaissance’ Is On Hand

With Sydneys new lockout laws proving too restrictive for clubs, pubs and bars in and around Kings Cross and Oxford St more party goers are heading outside of the new zoning to get their late night boogie on.

Owner Murat Killic of popular after hours club SPICE spoke with the Sydney Morning Herald who ran a story on Illegal Warehouse parties booming after lockouts with the nightlife identify telling journo Michael Koziol “It’s definitely a renaissance”.

Showing their complete lack of understanding and reality of the situation NSW Police only recorded a handful of callouts to areas predominately used for the illegal warehouse parties over the past few months with this actually a decrease following on from last year.

This compares to what is obviously an explosion of the illegal parties with rumours of up to 800 and 900 people attending 10+ warehouse parties a weekend over the last few months in NSW and growing that would all exceed the local governments implemented latest venue entry time of 1:30am and final drink service at 3:00am.

These parties are known about by everyone on all levels of the scene from industry heads to club promoters and your average attendees who all voiced their issues with the lock out laws when first introduced that this could be a real possibility – ay ay ay Mr Politicians.

It’s not as if warehouse parties haven’t existed until this point, they’ve been running for decades as an alternative and successfully so without issue but the dramatic increase of any scene that usually relies on common sense and respect goes out the window with the introduction of every man and his dog.

Maybe Bromances first lady of techno was right in her response to the NSW governments lockouts in an interview back in March;

“…to go underground where they can party lawlessly and get good and weird, it can actually be a bolt of electricity to a scene that is possibly homogonized or flavored vanilla by the mainstream” – Louisahhh

What happens next? Will Police be coming for warehouse parties or alternatively relax the laws hurting the inner-city hot spots?

We certainly hope the later for everyones sake….


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