Watch: The Truth About Making Money In Music

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Watch: The Truth About Making Money In Music

Filmmaker Dan Graetz behind a stack of great music videos for independent artists was recently approached by Jack Daniels interested in “supporting clips and other music related projects and ideas” he asked how do you get involved and stay true to your art form? So he took to them the ballsy idea of using their platform to ask artists honestly about career and corporate involvement and they, to Dan’s surprise said…..lets do it.

Sitting down with a group of Australian acts like Remi, Go Freek, KLP, Martin Novosel (Purple Sneakers) and more Graetz encourages a no hold’s barred unsolicited answer to the question: how can you survive in today’s music industry? In a landscape where artists see little to no money directly from recordings and almost totally from live performance, touring, ad / t.v. syncs & sponsorship this all leading toward the million dollar question when is brand or corporate involvement ok or viable?

Making a living from music isn’t easy and the artists I like aren’t in it for the money but if there was a way for them and creatives like me to occasionally make a better living from doing what we love without compromising it’d be cool to see what that would look like.

What is selling out really and is it selling out when assistance or revenue comes without compromise? That question would definitely see venom from some it’s that age old grey area but in a 2014 landscape for those where music is the career and sponsorship comes from the right place what is the harm?

Brands are up there with the labels as in they’re currently a major source of revenue for creative endeavour and there are some companies out there that are doing an excellent job of getting involved in the the right ways: just look at Red Bull and the Red Bull Academy yeah one of the major sponsors behind Stoney Roads Breakthrough Producer Award (shout out to the legends at Carlton DryPioneer DJSol Republic for getting behind the awards as well) but we stand with them because of all the great work they do and contribution they make / want to make *sips delicious energy drink*

Seriously though, enough from this guy ^^^ let’s get some other people talking and sound off your opinion we want to hear it!


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