The EDM landscape - which, if you’re not being overly political about things, refers to all electronic music worth dancing to, no? Encapsulating a large portion of the EDM culture in 2K14, is the popular drive of chillwave, future house & melodic trap music. Defining leaders in this deep-chill-melodic-insert descriptive word here-house genre, but not limited to, are producers MK, MNEK and now, Sebastian Carter. Sebastian Müller, an up-and-coming 19 year old Swiss producer, is known to the dance music world as Sebastian Carter. Below he is joined by MOORT, Tydes, Cudroid in their (spot) on point remixes of, “Stranger Sights’ (Feat Henry Green).

I like to think of soundcloud tracks as B.N.F.S (before news feed stream) and A.N.F.S (after news feed stream), and although this 26 day old EP lands itself in the latter, it has stuck around in my playlists, not showing any signs of budging, as I hit repeat time and time again. With so much attraction gravitating to this new EDM scene (as defined above; not as heard in Tomorrowland's anthem), it proves difficult to sift through the bush leaguers and identify the few names with lasting potential to become cornerstones of the emerging genre. It takes an undeniable, inalienable passion and drive for music, practiced resources, and a distinct finesse to discern a genuine star-in-the-making such as Sebastian Carter. Kind enough to release Stranger Sights for free, Carter has also released THE perfect (and free), remix package featuring MORRT, Tydes and Cudriod. MORRT’s take pays homage to the original’s deep house feel, adding elements of techhouse with a quickened pace and sharp percussive samples. Tydes’ remix bring forth an electronic-hip-hop-trap hybrid to the party and my personal fave of the lot, while Cudriod's version is a fab non-linear myriad of disco sounds and off-beats. Do yourself a small favour, and have a listen! Download link