Yuksek Presents Partyfine Volume 1 and shares label strategy

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Yuksek Presents Partyfine Volume 1 and shares label strategy

Yuksek is truly the definition of a music tastemaker. From producing sold out festivals, pumping dance hits, to running a forward-thinking label, his pick are sought after tracks refined for house music lovers. Only a year in the making, Partyfine is built around family values. As more than just a label, Yuksek has build a crew that completely embodies the artistic values he stands for. Sure that all sounds pretty great but how did he make it happen?

Frenchie’s seem to have a natural inclination for captivating electronic music. Influenced by Busy P and the game-changing Ed Banger crew, Yuksek has proved perfect with unique releases from a spectrum of interesting projects. To us, there must be more than just picking dope producers. We asked Yuksek for some success tips to following while building a team and picking artists. You most likely don’t know as many cool artists as Yuksek, but maybe this will get you started.

Yuksek’s Tips To Building The Best Label Team:



1. Find talented and clever artists, people you like, respect and can handle spending 24/7 with 😉

2. Find an exceptional PR agent and some brilliantly like-minded partners on the admin/office side of things who follow your tastes and are happy to stand by your side during the highs and lows of the adventure.

3. Stay true to yourself. Do things the way you want to and the way you had in mind from the start even if it’s not easy and successful.

4. Keep your ears open to the noise from the street.

5. Be nice to everyone. This one is applicable for all your relationships 🙂

Seems pretty straightforward right? Just be an all around cool cat, enlist your friends who happen to be some of the world’s most stylish producers, and grab a bad ass PR agent. It won’t happen overnight, but before long you will be releasing a best hits compilation like Partyfine Volume 1. Starting off with the label’s latest original by Clarens, the sixteen-track sampler takes listeners through the vibe that Yuksek has built. Grab the full compilation out now on iTunes.

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