Touch Sensitive Spills The Wax On Cool 5K Vinyl Collection

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Touch Sensitive Spills The Wax On Cool 5K Vinyl Collection

Future Classic nobleman Touch Sensitive is ditching the key-tar for an all vinyl set at Sydney’s Cliff Dive this Sunday, and to celebrate we caught up with the part time Van She member to talk about his big ass 5,000 strong record collection.

We loaded him up with ten questions to gain insight into what makes the original pizza guy tick, similar to ten we fired off to Fuzzy festival director John Wall (Listen Out 2014, Field Day NYD).

Time to get schooled!

SR: How many records do you have in your collection?
TS: Late 4000’s. The majority are kept in a spare room at my parents house because I got tired of moving them every time I moved.

SR: Oldest record in your collection?
TS: Probably an old Italian record I got of my Dad the name of which evades me at the moment.

SR: Newest record in your collection?
TS: The newest as in most recent acquisition would be Martin Stevens “Midnight Music” and the most current record date wise would be NY*AK “The Truth Will Find You”

SR: Most expensive record in your collection?
TS: I’ve got some old hip hop that’s probably worth a bit but not too sure, however the most expensive record recently was a sealed Daniele Patucchi soundtrack.

SR: Which record would you NEVER sell?
TS: The Reels “Beautiful”. Whenever I see a copy I buy it. Same goes for Panorama “Love Talking”.

SR: What’s the sexiest cover in the collection?
TS: Probably Paul Johnson “So Much” or Marin Circus “Disco Circus”, there’s another Denis Lepage one that’s a bit raunchy but it would take me a while to find it.

SR: Best hidden gem you never knew you had?
TS: There’s a few but the most recent thing was Yello “Vicious Games”. I heard it on a mix somewhere then found in my own collection, I love the Dub.

SR: Where do you buy your records from?
TS: Mainly discogs or eBay these days unfortunately, though when I was in America last year I did go a little overboard.

SR: What’s your fave store in Sydney?
TS: Probably Revolve in Erskinville, but it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

SR: What’s on your slip matts at home?
TS: My house keys, an iPhone charger and my wallet


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