Sydney Lock Out Laws Push More Violence On To The Streets

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Sydney Lock Out Laws Push More Violence On To The Streets

I’d like to congratulate the former corrupt premier of New South Wales Barry O’Farrell in moving their ulterior motive of squeezing the nightlife out of King Cross to make way for big money residential projects at the expense of citizens civil rights and safety.

Objectively speaking
Three months on from the introduction of the lock out laws, statistics show 30 ‘For lease’ signs up since the lock out laws came into play and it’s hard to forecast a positive outlook for the nightlife of Sydney’s once premier night spot.

We can all celebrate with sarcasm and irony in stating that there are less attacks in nightclubs since new Kings Cross and city lockout laws and luckily for all, the attacks (like Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie) outside venues have doubled in one month. Hooray!! 45 incidents – 20 of which are alcohol related = Safety halved. That’s a glass of punch delivered with twice the chance you will receive one to the face!

Subjectively speaking
Having resided as a DJ in the cross before and after the lock outs, it is very easy to see that patrons are drinking faster and rushing to have a good night, resulting in higher anxiety / stress to get a boogie in and not be claustrophobically trapped at i.e. not the ideal venue of their choice after the 130am lock out.

I felt a lot safer without lockout laws and Melbourne didn’t let them last, so why the hell have we put up with them for three months now?

Statistics based on reports by theĀ Bureau of Crime Statistics for the first quarter of this year


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