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A second tour in just as many months proves Australia has a pretty serious fling for Sweater Beats so on the cusp of some newly announced dates comes a quickie with the New York native to talk shop on our local music scene, travelling the world, Majestic Casuals Youtube swag and just how proud his mum is of him!

Full dates and details here.

SR: Second trip to Australia in as many years, what was the response on the first trip? Excited to be back?
SB: It was really great last year, even with the few releases I had to tour with. It was my first tour ever, so I’m very excited to be back now that I’m a little more seasoned.

SR: Australian dance music seems to be blowing up right now, any reason why? Is it distinctively Australian or just good enough to earn credit worldwide?
SB: I think the dance music that’s coming out of Australia straddles the lines between EDM, pop music, and hip hop. There’s a lot of cross pollinating going on, the line is blurring between what’s played in the clubs and what’s played on the radio.

SR: From growing up in a small town to travelling the world, must be surreal? Ever dream of this happening?
SB: It’s totally surreal! Growing up my dreams of touring just involved my band, a van, and a whole lot of junk food.

SR: Popular Youtube channel Majestic Casual seems to always back your originals, remixes and bootlegs. Do you have a personal relationship with those guys? How has that shaped your career?
SB: I only met him earlier this year when I was in Germany, but he’s supported my music for so long. Majestic definitely created its own scene and following and his channel has really helped expose my music to the right audience.

SR: Is your mum proud of you? Does she approve of your beats? After all moms are usually the toughest critic haha
SB: She’s proud that I have a job! But seriously my mom and the rest of my family have supported all my musical endeavors through the years. My beats have the mum seal of approval.

SR: If there was a Sweat Beats dance move, what would it be like? Instagram pic/video welcome here!
SB: It would be making a stink face while bobbing your head to the beat. Shoulder shimmies are optional.

Check out the full Sweater Beats dates here.


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