Best Hangover Cures In Sydney: Part One
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Best Hangover Cures In Sydney: Part One

It is viewed as one of the biggest battles in the electronic music scene. The hangover… And when it strikes, reinforcements are required in the form of delicious greasy food. Releasing those little oily soldiers into your body is scientifically proven to improve hangover time by something or something.

In our quest to better equip Sydney with the best hangover cures, we have gone on a mission. A mission for the good of the people. Yes, we have brought together the best minds in Sydney in providing the best solution for your over indulgence the night before.

Sasha Skalrud (Golden Features Manager / Vamp Music)
Place: The Eight (Market city shopping centre lvl 3) – Yum Cha
Order: Chicken spring rolls, ANY of the dumplings and/or BBQ Pork – Approx $20-$30 for a BIG meal
‘Greasy/fried food in large quantities.. Just makes you feel so much better about yourself’

The Eight

Raul Gonzalez (The Backroom Sydney / INTL.C Label)
Place: Mary’s (6 Mary Street, Newtown)
Order: HALF A BIRD ($20 to $30)
‘Greasy food works a treat’


Rave Doss (Stoney Roads)
Place: Cafe Sofia (7 Swanson St, Erskineville)
Order: Bacon and Egg wrap with a fruit frappe ($14)
‘The bacon and egg wrap contain the greasiest of bacon, caesar sauce, a little bit of salad and a love love. Perfect way to absorb all the beer.’


Lo99 (Producer)
Place: El Loco (64 Foveaux St, Surry Hills)
Order: The hotdog!!! I think it’s about 10 dollars.
‘I’m no a hotdog connoisseur but doesn’t get much better than this, I really need to get to The Dip in Good God for one as I’ve heard there’s something going on in hotdog world there too!’

Hot Dog

Diego Slim (Producer / Co-Runs Cakes @ The World Bar)
Place: Harajuku (9/15 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point NSW)
Meal: Assortment of dumplings / fried chicken ($20 to $30 mark)
‘Its the best hangover cure because the entire team of staff yell at you to start drinking again’.


Ubbs (Stoney Roads)
Place: Pablo’s Chicken (664 Crown Street, Surry Hills 2010)
Meal: Half a chicken, chips and drink (Around $15 mark)
‘Quickly becoming an institution to the Surry Hills hangover community, if you have not stood in line for their meals with a headache, best get your sore head down’



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