Keysound preps Sully’s new ‘Blue’ EP ahead of his Circo Festival appearance

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Keysound preps Sully’s new ‘Blue’ EP ahead of his Circo Festival appearance

In preparation for his performance at Perth’s very own Circo Festival, Keysound Recordings have just announced the release of former garage and dubstep maestro Sully’s new ‘Blue’ EP, in what they’re amusingly calling “four sides of warm vinyl dedicated to classic break-based rollage ‘n’ choppage: less “where were you in ’92?” rather “who wants more from ’94?”

One title seems to sum it up best: ‘Simple Things’. This double pack is not a statement about 2014, it is not trying to be a new sound, scene or development. This is just seven tracks of uncomplicated, intensely emotive, rhythmic fun – as MC’ed over by original-junglist-at-heart Riko on a recent Rinse FM show.

“The inspiration for these tunes essentially goes back to the free parties I spent weekends chasing in the early ‘00s,” explains Sully. “Youthful optimism put an almost spiritual spin on what were sketchy, chaotic, DIY happenings. Vision blurring subs felt like epiphanies. The EPs raw, chopped up sounds reflect that feeling: thrown together, reckless, but elevating with it.”

Apart from the guest feature on E.m.m.a’s 2013 album ‘Blue Gardens‘, Sully last contributed to the Keysound release schedule with his well received 2011 album ‘Carrier’, which interwove 2step and UK funky flexes with 160bpm juke experiments. Here he returns to the tempo of the latter but with the UK not US in mind.

Set for a release on June 16, you can stream the title-track and ‘Solitaire’ below, Sully’s recent Rinse FM show with grime MC Riko, as well as the full tracklist.

01. Solitaire
02. Checkmate
03. Simple
04. Charms
05. Blue
06. Blue (Logos vapour dub)
07. Routine
08. M141


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