Blank Paper – Step Into My Office

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Blank Paper – Step Into My Office


Seductive dance is a cheeky new genre that is the definite tag for disco-inspired group Blank Paper. The Brooklyn-based synth pop quartet embodies their home base of Brooklyn. The group has recently shed light on their vocally-enticing single ‘Step Into My Office’ off of their June EP.

From the borough that defines hip, the abrupt lead vocals and cheerfully warm synths lead the charge for the indie 4-piece. Told by fans that “Your music makes me feel like I’m on lots of drugs”, we can’t agree more. This groovy live style makes me wanna jive in the weirdest way possible.

The jerky, jubilant vibe captures the independent direction of the Brooklyn dwellers and we love it. Look for fun breaks coming in the form of Blank Paper this summer.


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