There was a lot of controversy over the confirmed discontinuation of popular vinyl storage unit Expedit from Swedish mega furniture store Ikea.

Could this possibly have been the best publicity stunt ever? After the news broke causing anger internationally, the meatball-loving magicians have now pushed out a new, near identical storage unit titled the 'Kallax' that uses less wood and helps the company comply with Forest Stewardship Council eco guidelines. Brownie points are headed their way, because the current fact is Ikea uses a kajunga one percent of the world's wood supply. Yep, that's a mammoth 16.2 million cubic meters of wood. Scary stuff but a step in the right direction and will be sure to keep vinyl players collections erections erected. Shwing.

The only question we have left, is why didn't they call their new unit after one of the many popular Swedish producers out there at the moment? Like the 'Pryda'?!

The new set up will be available in Aussie Ikea stores in June.