Perc — The Power & The Glory [Perc Trax]

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Perc — The Power & The Glory [Perc Trax]

The techno brutality of London’s Perc has been blasting your ears for over a decade now, on a combination of his own Perc Trax label and other imprints like Easy Access, Premier and Kompakt Extra to name just a few, with the politically-entrenched ‘The Power & The Glory’ following 2011’s ‘Wicker & Steel’ for a quintessentially English comment on techno and British conservatism. It’s a critique of British institutions – the government, organised religion – and the increasingly shady ways in which they are exercising their power; ‘David & George’, for example, is a clear stab at the British Prime Minister and Chancellor Of The Exchequer with the entitled chuckling of the Bullingdon boys in the tape-loop of maniacal laughter, while following ‘Horse Gum’ is five minutes of pure static, drone and metallic death rattle. Nonetheless, it’s not without fun – cuts like the welting ‘Dumpster’ and ‘Take Your Body Off’ are intrinsically funky, but delivered with a rictus lunatic grin and blackest humour, and the record’s most individual moments are by turns the most affective, especially in the turbulent roil of ‘Speek’ featuring dissected vocal processing by Factory Floor’s Nik Void, and the bleak eldritch ambience of closer ‘A Living End’. This is a superb techno album, with its power lying in its abstraction and atmospherics; rendering the many feelings that words cannot.

01. Rotting Sound (05:00)
02. Speek (05:47)
03. Lurch (04:34)
04. Galloper (05:15)
05. David & George (04:26)
06. Horse Gum (05:27)
07. Dumpster (06:09)
08. Bleeding Colours (05:17)
09. Take Your Body Off (06:02)
10. A Living End (03:50)


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