Die Antwoord Unveil Very Special New Album Collaboration

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Die Antwoord Unveil Very Special New Album Collaboration

South African rap rave crew Die Antwoord have let the word out that they are nearing completion of their third studio album ‘Donker Mag’ that contains a very special collaboration.

Ninja, who Diplo recently revealed in an AMA (ask me anything) was the real deal, took to social media to update their fans on their current plans by quoting:

‘NINJA and ¥O-LANDI r in HI-TEKS studio erryday workin hard on our most poweful spell yet. we’v been workin on DONKER MAG 4 about 2yrz now. we thought we wud b finisht by dis time. but we kept makin up new songz by accident. dis shit iz so good. sooooo so good. i want 2 get stoned and bump da fukn shit out of DONKER MAG worse dan any1. again. dont worry. u wont b sorry 4 long. our 1st single features 1 of my dearest friendz in da hole universe.1 cannot rush such powerful magick. thank u 4 yor patience. dont hate me x’

So who is their very special friend you are probably wondering? It is the equally as wacky and slightly wonderful Aphex Twin who only just recently had tracks featured on Grand Theft Auto V and who’s symbol is tattooed onto Ninja’s arm. What we can expect is a complete mystery but I’m sure both parties involved will be keeping that shit weeeeeeeird.

Die Antwoord


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