AGWA Yacht Club ft. Danny Daze & Henrik Schwarz

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AGWA Yacht Club ft. Danny Daze & Henrik Schwarz

Last week we were invited along to have a boogie with our buds at AGWA, Pulse Radio and Finely Tuned, to jam out with Danny Daze (US) and Henrik Schwarz (Ger) for the 19th AGWA Yacht Club cruise.

An afternoon of progressive house and good vibes all round didn’t disappoint, and we were stoked to partake in the fun. Big shout-outs to such an awesome, music loving crowd for maintaining the love on the day while we all got serenaded by these awesome international acts.

The next AGWA cruise is coming up in a few weeks time, and if you like free stuff you should head over to Finely Tuned’s facebook page  to win tickets people!

For now check out the photos from the day posted below, as well as ">this awesome aftermovie, courtesy of Finely Tuned, MY Media and Voena.

AGWA19-214 AGWA19-213 AGWA19-212 AGWA19-211 AGWA19-210 AGWA19-209 AGWA19-207 AGWA19-206 AGWA19-204 AGWA19-200 AGWA19-198 AGWA19-197 AGWA19-196 AGWA19-195 AGWA19-190 AGWA19-189 AGWA19-187 AGWA19-185 AGWA19-184 AGWA19-183 AGWA19-182 AGWA19-181 AGWA19-179 AGWA19-172 AGWA19-171 AGWA19-167 AGWA19-166 AGWA19-165 AGWA19-161 AGWA19-156 AGWA19-153 AGWA19-149 AGWA19-146 AGWA19-144 AGWA19-142 AGWA19-140 AGWA19-139 AGWA19-137 AGWA19-134 AGWA19-133 AGWA19-130 AGWA19-129 AGWA19-128 AGWA19-126 AGWA19-125 AGWA19-124 AGWA19-123 AGWA19-119 AGWA19-118 AGWA19-117 AGWA19-116 AGWA19-115 AGWA19-114 AGWA19-113 AGWA19-112 AGWA19-110 AGWA19-109 AGWA19-108 AGWA19-104 AGWA19-103 AGWA19-101 AGWA19-97 AGWA19-96 AGWA19-93 AGWA19-92 AGWA19-91 AGWA19-90 AGWA19-89 AGWA19-88 AGWA19-86 AGWA19-85 AGWA19-83 AGWA19-82 AGWA19-80 AGWA19-79 AGWA19-78 AGWA19-77 AGWA19-76 AGWA19-74 AGWA19-73 AGWA19-72 AGWA19-71 AGWA19-70 AGWA19-67 AGWA19-64 AGWA19-63 AGWA19-61 AGWA19-60 AGWA19-59 AGWA19-55 AGWA19-54 AGWA19-53 AGWA19-52 AGWA19-51 AGWA19-50 AGWA19-49 AGWA19-48 AGWA19-47 AGWA19-45 AGWA19-43 AGWA19-42 AGWA19-40 AGWA19-39 AGWA19-38 AGWA19-35 AGWA19-34 AGWA19-31 AGWA19-28 AGWA19-25 AGWA19-24 AGWA19-23 AGWA19-20 AGWA19-18 AGWA19-17 AGWA19-16 AGWA19-15 AGWA19-4 AGWA19-3 AGWA19-2 AGWA19-1


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