Kromestar – Tears Of Joy [Nebula Music Group]

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Kromestar – Tears Of Joy [Nebula Music Group]

In memory of the late Young Lion, his son, Kromestar has finally released his mini-album ‘Tears Of Joy’ for some of the best electronica I’ve heard for 2013. It was released at the very end of the year on Nebula Music Group – December 30 – and had been in progress “for about a year” before he could “feel and complete” it; it makes sense, seeing as there’s such a sad story behind it (look at the tracklist and you’ll see for yourself). A beautiful tribute, the eight intense tunes range from the melancholic dubstep surge of ‘The Funeral’ and ‘Sorrows’ to the almost hip-hop sub of ‘Healing With Time’, to the undoubted sadness in what I expect to be the day of his son’s passing on ‘6th September 2012’. The record also featured on our ‘Best of December – Weeks 3&4‘ chart.

With all proceeds from the album heading to charity, you can cop it here. Big up Kromey, hold tight.

01. Tears Of Joy
02. Fathers Day
03. Heavenly Calm
04. 6th September 2012
05. The Funeral
06. Healing With Time
07. Sorrows
08. Tears Of Joy Part 2


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