PartyCloud Lets You DJ (Properly) With Soundcloud
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PartyCloud Lets You DJ (Properly) With Soundcloud


Partycloud joins the busy space of those aiming to utilise Soundclouds endless supply of tracks and its generous API, all the while doing something different… Getting it right. The concept of mixing together tracks from Soundcloud has been around for a while, but you’ll typically fine the words ‘beta’ or ‘v1.0’ associated with most.

The current version of Partycloud looks clean and polished while offering all the options you’d find on modern club-spec gear with the ability to change the BPM, turn up or down the mid and bass, as well as a filter for those effects and looping options and fade between tracks. Purists beware of the easy ‘sync’ button lurking beneath all the actual skill stuff and the ‘automix’ option for the busy DJs as pointed out by the creators.

A rolling menu of tracks that you have selected can then be pushed onto either side easily with the choice of A, left player and B, the right player with the drawcard on offer of over 20 million tracks at your fingertips. Haven’t been able to buy that latest from Hudson Mohawke? No biggie, if it’s uploaded to Soundcloud you can now throw it into your sets.

Another shortcut is ‘folders’ that lets you categorise tracks so if you need to change up the tempo, you can easily plow into a boatload of cuts you’d found earlier or on going through trawling on Soundcloud.

Want to record and share your mix with friends? It’s as easy as hitting the red button and sending to buddies or share publicly with other Partycloud users.

Those at home is where this app is most likely suited for, be it a loungy night with friends or a proper thumping party, Partycloud should be enough to sustain ya.


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