Parachute Youth Return With New Single ‘Runaway’

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Parachute Youth Return With New Single ‘Runaway’

Over a year and a half on from the success of their singles ‘Can’t Get Better Than This‘, ‘Awake Now‘ and ‘Count To Ten‘, Parachute Youth have landed back into the dance music scene emphatically with their next track ‘Runaway’.

Having spent majority of their year based in Europe, the duo have returned to Australia where they are signed to Sweat It Out with an uplifting number that holds their signature synth sound resonating an Aussie indie feel lead by Johnny Castro’s funky ass vocals. The music video is a Euro style slow mo fest featuring plenty of smooching and a story line that I didn’t quite get but it didn’t really matter because the song sells itself.

Surfing between pop, indie dance and straight dance, this is an easily digestible single to watch leading into the new year. Let’s see if these legends can keep the momentum into 2014!


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