Flying Lotus pronounced all-round legend with new album and MP3 bundle
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Flying Lotus pronounced all-round legend with new album and MP3 bundle

In news that made us have a little excited pee-pants, Flying Lotus yesterday announced that his new album was reaching the end of it’s time in the oven, and that it would soon be piping fresh in the hands of fans. If that wasn’t enough to make us work up an appetite – he’s shared a collection of tracks to thank the peeps for helping him reach 300k followers on twitter. Mega swoon imminent.

Dropping the info in a recent Twitter Q&A, FlyLo (or Steven Ellison back down here on earth) let fans know some serious dish about that album.

Responding to some lusty interrogations that the album was ‘almost’ complete and that he was ‘listening to it now’, Ellison hinted that not only would the album have a bit more of a jazzy vibe, his rap alter Captain Murphy would be making a big appearance through the tracks.

With a title already in mind for the LP, FlyLo has been a busy man of late, also chatting candidly about his collaborations with Schoolboy Q and Herbie Hancock and hinting that he was currently involved in scoring a film – our thoughts on which are in the ‘hell yes’ dimensions.

Probably because of all the Twitter action, plus his general penchant for being awesomely vocal via the little blue bird (read his reactions to the YouTube Music Awards here, right on!), he’s reached a steady 300k. To celebrate totally owning the social media he’s released an MP3 bundle for fans – available for download here.

Saying of the bundle – which is an awesomely mixed bag of gems – ‘Some u knw, some u don’t’, it sure makes us tres excitable for what’s to come from the luminary producer.

See a handpicked selection of some of FlyLo Twitter responses below;



[via Music Feeds]


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