The Prodigy Member Maxim To Embark On Solo DJ Tour

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The Prodigy Member Maxim To Embark On Solo DJ Tour

Eccentric electronic outfit The Prodigy have announced that one of their band members, Maxim, will be embarking on a solo DJ tour around the States

In a recent interview with fan publication ‘The Prodigy Fanboy’, the band member detailed that he planned to “do (DJ) gigs worldwide” after a myriad of great reviews from his gigs supporting internet troll and prodcuer, Feed Me.

“What we do in the band is irreplacable – you cant replicate that. It’s the real deal – we make the music, we play the music. With DJing I’m playing other artist’s music. It’s fun, but I’m not going to pretend it’s better than being in a band.”

When Maxim isn’t djing or playing in the band, you can find the creatively minded man painting with his intent to have “another exhibition in London, hopefully, at the end of the year.”

So what can you expect to hear from a Maxim set? He appears to be influenced largely by dubstep, trap, reggae and drum n bass. You can have a taste via the mixtape below!

Maxim US DJ tour 2013 (featuring MC Cianna Blaze)

25/10/13 San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom
26/10/13 Seattle, WA @ WAMU Theater (FreakNight)
27/10/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Lure
29/10/13 San Diego, CA @ Voyeur Thurs
31/10/13 Austin, TX @ Republic Live
1/11/13 Edmonton, AB @ Set
2/11/13 Los Angeles, CA @ HARD Day of the Dead
3/11/13 New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Festival


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