P.Diddy looks set to launch 'Revolt' a music network encompassing all genres dedicated to the "creators of this generation" - a pretty cool idea for a guy that has enough money to do whatever the hell he wants!

From the PSA below it seems to follow the same lines as Thump, Noisy or even Potato, the Youtube channel run by none other than The Rolling Stone cover DJs Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak with an aim to present music videos from veterans of the scene as well as newly discovered talent (and probably bank some cash from ads/views).

The through line of 'Revolt' says it will;

"... represent the architects who define culture and influence society. We are out to build an empowering platform for artists and our audience."
Further still is a promise that it will bring forward the 'best of EDM' and even jokingly country music with a dig at Avicii's "Wake Me Up" being synced during the PSA (ha).

This isn't actually the first time P. Diddy has attempted in-roads to dance and electronic music, actually putting together a short video in August last year of his time in Ibiza and love of the islands in of course, a self-absorbed sort of way.

Time will tell on this one #IamRevolt

source: Dancing Astronaut