‘Change is Inevitable’: Disclosure Exclusive

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‘Change is Inevitable’: Disclosure Exclusive

As the Disclosure fire continues to burn and spread on their Australia tour, Stoney Roads nabbed an exclusive interview with Howard, half of the power duo, this afternoon.

After showing concern that a friend of Stoney’s took her top off at their Sydney side show last night (‘I don’t know if thats OK, it was meant to be an underage gig!’), the stand-up gentleman went on to talk candidly about the success of their debut album Settle, collaborations and time in Australia.

Disclosing many things, amongst them that Michael Jackson is the pair’s dream collaboration and the devastating fact that they both have girlfriends (a gal can dream), Howard was keen to talk about the trajectory of their music to date.

‘When we started we were making quite obscure, intricate, muso, experimental music… now we’ve got vocals and we’re doing verses and choruses and that was a choice because we feel like we’ve done the whole experimental thing and there’s no point just carrying on making the same thing forever’.

When asked about drugs, and if they felt any grounding in the idea that drugs and dance music were synonymous,the affirmation was that the boys were all about the music.

‘We’re not for it or against it really, we don’t find it an important part of what we do, we just make the music.’

After playing the highly anticipated Listen Out tour, we were also super curious about whether the boys would be back in town, potentially to play the cryptic line up of Field Day, but our hopes were dashed.

‘Maybe not this year but we’ll definitely be back next year.’

Only time will tell what the boys have in store, hopefully they’ll be back on Aussie shores soon – sans girlfriends.

Read the entire interview here.

See how they’re kicking all of the tooshie in their recently released BBC Essential Mix.


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