Eric Prydz Hints At Long Awaited Australian Tour

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Eric Prydz Hints At Long Awaited Australian Tour

Swedish house legend Eric Prydz has made his strongest indication yet that he will finally head to Australia after classically abandoning his last attempted tour that included the famous New Years party ‘Shore Thing’ in 2008.

Prydz who also produces under the the name Pryda and Cirez D as well as runs his own imprints Pryda, Pryda Friends and Mouseville has had a known fear of flying which asks the question, will he will be conquering that fear or be taking the slower cruise boat option sipping Pino Colada’s as he makes his way through the Pacific Ocean?

The hint was shared to all his fans through via Facebook with an image of his face being draped or painted with the Australian flag. So what could he be coming for?

A producer of his statue could surely command a stand along tour or he could be joining the likes of Shadow Child over new years and early January? Could he be appearing at Field Day? Shore Thing? What do you think?


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