Deadmau5 has chucked a Jerry Seinfeld and decided to film a ride in his speedy Ferrari taking Zedd for a Coffee around his home town of Toronto. The conversation goes for around 24 minutes and involves Joel messing with the 24 year old 'Clarity' star and Zedd not even really realising it. The topics they touch upon are really broad varying from Zedd's hard on to Joel bringing his Deadmau5 helmet to his show in Toronto that night.

The mau5 has been pouring out a heap of new material on his Soundcloud in what could be the lead up to a forthcoming album, even sharing the potential tracklisting on his Instagram.

Deadmau5 is truly in troll mode at the moment taking on Flo Rida's 'Beamz' by making a version of his own that you can make at home!