Claude VonStroke Digs Bestiality And Releases ‘Urban Animal’ Preview!

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Claude VonStroke Digs Bestiality And Releases ‘Urban Animal’ Preview!

House and Techno producer Claude VonStroke has provided a sneak preview off his entire upcoming album Urban Animal!

Dropping from the producer’s San Francisco based label Dirtybird Records, it marks Dirtybird’s 100th release and VonStroke’s third album.

While the tracks have some pretty worldly vibes going on, VonStroke’s experimentation with trap and jungle is matched  with his typically bass filled style, making for some evocative tech house beats.

Definitely expressive, each track paints a pretty clear picture of  the boorish and untamed urban jungle;

“Urban Animals congregate in heaving warehouses, seeking solace in the liberating beats of the kick drum. They are bound not by association, but through a shared experience of primal relief felt in those shadowy, dance floor corners swelling with the sounds of low end frequencies and brazenly sculpted grooves. This is the Urban Animal’s jungle.”

You can check out the sounds here.



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