Armin Van Buuren Gets Into Portable DJ Game

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Armin Van Buuren Gets Into Portable DJ Game

Ever have that feeling when you’re in an inconvenient place and you’re overcome with an irresistible urge to spin some records?

Yeah neither do we.

But just in case you do, Armin Van Buuren has teamed up with Phillips to release a portable controller and sound system for iDevices- the M1X-DJ, and it will only cost you 500 bazookas!

The design is kind of confusing, we’re pretty sure the speakers are aimed at your crotch, but some might say it’s literally a party in your pants!!

It’s coming out in November and while it’s probably easier than carting around a bunch of vinyl, turntables and a PA system, we can’t help but feel the word GIMMICK chiming pretty loudly here.

Armin Portable

source: gizmodo


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