Being their first EP under the Maison Sky pseudonym, the history of the UK-based group's deeper and immaculately sculpted dubstep can clearly be heard as a massive influence in this debut eponymous release. Out on Rinse, the four-tracker shows hints of deeper garage and UK funky but also maintains that techno tip throughout - ‘Glamour’ opens the EP with an infectious, 4/4 shuffle, while ‘Mode’ is sparser and more sinister; its fragmented vocals splintering out across a taut rhythmic framework. ‘W8′ is a virtuosic, fiendishly complex mesh of synthetic melodic flour- ishes, vocal fragments and silvery drum hits woven together into tight, deft syncopations, and ‘Star 22′ carries itself with a super funky definite sci-fi infused edge.

Love this one. Buy it here.