Sweet Jesus, in a serious WTF moment it appears we've  stumbled across a dude who got the entire lyrics of Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' tattooed to his torso.

Yep, that's right.

In a stunt that isn't the first we've seen of the bizarreness Avicii brings about, UK lad Joe Forsyth decided to get the tattoo not just because it's a "mint tune", but as a tribute to his crazy, outlandish partying ways. Kids today!

Not a fan? Don't let old Forsyth know, he has a serious message he unleashed in an un-edited e-mail interview for all you f*ckin h8ers; "All the people giving me shit saying shit tat worst ive seen your guna regret it f**k off your parents probably regret you you mouthy c**ts,

We can't help but feel a little depressed by the fans poor old Avicii's breeding. Check out some other crazy shit they've done here.

source: whiteraverafting.com

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