Before Miley Cyrus was making a fool of herself "twerking" at the VMA's yesterday and Aussie political candidate and mining magnate Clive Palmer put his own questionable spin on the trend (see video below), there was this DJ/producer called Diplo hogging social media feeds with gals #expressingthemselves silly. The latest fad of 'twerking' can very much be attributed to the Major Lazer front man and head of Mad Decent records. His hit single "Express Yourself" with Nicky Da B "made twerking the most popular dance move since the Dougie." Thanks Wikipedia.

Diplo has announced via Twitter his plan to take this butt shaking phenomena to the next level, with a tweet inviting all the ladies out there attending Electric Zoo festival this weekend to join him in an attempt to break the twerking world record. He's aiming to get 50 girls up on stage with him to tear it up, so if you're over 18, attending Electric Zoo and can "dance in a sexually suggestive twisting fashion” then hit up the big man at [email protected] There are no guarantees that you'll keep your job or not get suspended from school though, so play it safe.

Last year we picked some of our favourite #expressyourself snaps, so if that's what you're into then check it out! 

— saul goodman (@diplo) August 22, 2013

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