Australian Politicians To Take Over Music TV Show ‘Rage’

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Australian Politicians To Take Over Music TV Show ‘Rage’

Iconic Australian music show ‘Rage’ has announced that politicians will be taking over the AM tv show and adding their supremely out of vogue choice in clips on August 31 2013. The announcement has been made in the lead up to the Australian Election to be held the following weekend (Sat 7th September). Have you seen Tony Abbots latest hit ‘Abottrang?’

The three politicians to hurt your ears will be the ‘Deputies’ of the three major parties in Australian politics at the moment. Anthony Albanese (Labour Deputy PM), Julie Bishop (Liberal Deputy Leader) and Adam Bandt (Deputy Leader of The Greens). What will the theme of the clips be? Rage have promised;

“Between them there are some absolute classics and some very cool alternative choices too.”

…but we still aren’t convinced. We expect songs about boats and gays and gay boats.


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