What Is Melbourne Sound?

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What Is Melbourne Sound?

There is a lot of confusion around the recent uprising of a genre dubbed ‘Melbourne Sound’ with a lot of people not understanding whether it is a joke or not. We’ve done the research to clear the air once and for all, so you can stop being as confused as we once were…

Melbourne sound originated from the Melbourne, Australia club scene with the likes of Will Sparks and Joel Fletcher now being considered at the forefront of this almost sub culture. Will Spark’s single ‘Ah Yeah’ out on Sydney club based Starfucker’s label House Of Fun has sold over 47,000 copies gaining the┬ánumber 3 spot on the overall Beatport chart and bringing attention to the industry masses.

Unknown only months ago, the recently coined genre has been making waves with most noticeably A-Trak playing songs considered to sit with in the sound as he bores away from the typical EDM normally found doing the rounds with DJs at festivals around America.

This has in turn resonated the genre internationally with the South Californian TJR having his say via ‘Ode To Odi’ that sits fondly as a pioneering track that people will draw back to as the genre evolves.

Want to make a Melbourne sound track? Here is what you need to know!

The genre is a new slant on electro, generally filled heavily with soaring thick synths, large kicks and a focus on the low frequency bass lines dabbed with hard-hitting rhythms that almost work too perfectly for Melbourne Shuffle dancing. The structure of the song is closely associated to the composition of psy-trance.

With the overall sound mutating like electro was back in 2007/2008, it will be interesting to watch the sound become more defined as it goes through the growth stages of it’s genre cycle.

Will the genre continue to resonate internationally or will it remain a treasure only to be found in Melbourne?


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