Uffie, where are you now?

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Uffie, where are you now?

Photo: Mark Abroham

Is Uffie making a new album?

In 2010 we saw her inaugural album ‘Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans’ peak well on French, Belgium and German charts, but ever since there has been nothing but rumours on whats next for American rap/ ranter Uffie. In a recent AMA with Busy P, a fan spurred on the question ‘What ever happened to Uffie?’ which got us thinking. Yeah! What did happen to Uffie?!

In the words of recent comments from Ed Banger label owner Busy P “Uffie was an amazing project when it was about a little girl having fun with Feadz and Mr Oizo. It was fresh and new in 2008. Then it became bigger and with more people involved, then I lost control and lost the vibe. But I’m sure she’ll be back with some more music on another record label.”

Busy P’s comment of “it became bigger and with more people involved” struck a chord and drew me to the question of whether the former Ed Banger label artist got side tracked and in the process, did Ke$ha step in and finish off the idea that Uffie originally started?

In an interview with Complex magazine in late 2010, Uffie quoted on the topic of Ke$ha “I’m an underground artist and that’s extremely pop and mainstream. If that was my goal, I’d be pissed off as hell.” These words could’ve been taken with a grain of salt because in the same interview she spoke about – “I definitely wanna work with Pharrell (Williams) as a producer. He’s an amazing vocalist, but I think his productions are amazing.” Is it possible to remain underground while working with Pharrell? Since those comments he has worked with Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, composed the 84th Grammy awards plus much more striking a what he touches generally turns to gold.

With Uffie giving birth to her second child, will we eventually see a comeback or was it just to be that one glorious album? Either way, we wish her well and hope there will be more of her in the future!


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