Tiesto; “I’m destroying them now… Sorry Daft Punk.”
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Tiesto; “I’m destroying them now… Sorry Daft Punk.”

Trance superstar Tiesto has weighed in on Daft Punks current popularity.

In an interview with The Huffington Post the Dutchman queried the popularity of Daft Punks discography and their new LP ‘Random Access Memories’ while blatantly ripping into the robot duo’s work.

“…The Tron soundtrack wasn’t that great and this is not great, either,” adding. “But because it’s Daft Punk and they’re supposed to be cool and they had the amazing pyramid at Coachella a couple of years ago and the helmets — they’re fucking cool. But the music doesn’t deliver on the hype so much.”

It gets better with Tiesto happily commenting “I’m destroying them now… Sorry Daft Punk.”

The vast differences between the two cannot be described enough making this strange commentary to be making from someone who is somewhat ahead in his field and nothing to earn?

Although we would agree that the album was championed above and beyond Dafts previous work, it took integrity to try something different with a cast of eclectic co-producers from Nile Rogers, Giorgio Moroder and even Pharrell Williams.

It was never meant to be a club or festival thing and what the public deem popular isn’t always what the artists think of the final product. If anything was to blame it’d be the overly successful marketing behind the duo who pushed all the right buttons.

Giorgio Moroder got off a little lighter with the Global DJ flowing freely with compliments “He’s such a talented producer and to meet him, yeah, it’s one of those things, like, so cool. He comes to my show and he stayed the whole set actually; I played for three hours and he was there for three hours,” he says. “He’s in his seventies and still rocking strong. We did shots together and it was fun to hang out together. I was honoured that he came actually.”

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