Tiefschwarz – The Mix Collection [Renaissance]
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Tiefschwarz – The Mix Collection [Renaissance]

Renaissance are proud to announce that Tiefschwarz have stepped up to compile the latest instalment of their The Mix Collection series. With a DJ and production career spanning over 16 years, releases on Cocoon, Wave Music, Souvenir and remix work as far ranging as Depeche ModeRoxy MusicBooka ShadeMadonna and Plastikman it seemed a perfect fit to bring their wide set of influences together for a set of two mixes.

“We love doing compilations because it’s a great opportunity and challenge for us to dig deep in the huge ocean of music, using your own personal filter and taste to find the music we love. For this Renaissance Mix Collection it was even better because we got the chance to do two mixes and really explore our sound. Obviously there is a lot of crap music out there, but more importantly there are also tons of beautiful, inspiring tracks and it’s a real pleasure to go through our collection and find the right ones. Musically this time we wanted to stay in the here and now – the slower and deeper mix on CD1 is an atmospheric journey – melodies, vocals and more abstract tracks help to create the vibe. The second mix is more club orientated – it’s a hybrid between house and techno and shows a bit of what we love to play as DJs these days. Love Ali + Basti” – Tiefschwarz. Berlin, May 2013

CD 1 kicks off with an introduction from Tiefschwarz themselves before quickly delving into the uplifting sounds of Clarian and Axel BomanRichard Fearless’ remix of Bot’oxBasement of Love and Ewan Pearson’s Bachar Mar-Khalife remix focuses the groove, while the vocals on Michael Mayer’s Good Times and the beautiful Eric Volta & Jonny Cruz’s Sunrise provide euphoric highs. The ominous territory of Spada’s Norah and Mario Basanov’s Red Line work in perfect contrast to the tropical sounds of Acid Pauli & Laura WeiderOregano and Knox’s blissful Mornings – precisely the sort of stylistic shifts you’d expect from the veteran duo.

CD 2 is a mix of contrasts. Ruede Hagelstein’s Detuned acts as a statement of intent, followed by upbeat cuts from Terranova, Hanfry Martinez & Javier Carballo, Daze Maxim and Slove before Dauwd’s Heat Division takes a step back from the dancefloor. Next up are previous Renaissance contributors Tale Of Us, whose Another Earth features before Tiefschwarz own ‘Voices’ (exclusive to this mix album). The near-indecipherable vocals of Elon’s Andres blend seamlessly into Mathew Jonson’s Automaton, while the acid-tinged textures of Sonodab’s Dose Rhythm sit perfectly with Jay Haze’s rerub of Don’t Rush by Michal HoKenny Leaven’s Rocket is an intense gateway to the serene 11 a.m. (After) by Marco Freivogel, which acts as a beautiful closer for a pair of mixes that explore all areas of the mind, not just the body.

From their initial experience as DJs running and playing at their own clubs to the formation of Tiefschwarz in 1997, the duo joined the fast lane with their debut single and album on Francois K’s Wave Music label. Upon being licensed to London’s Classic Recordings, their jump towards international recognition was imminent. Through touring, high profile remix work and their varied releases the duo have always the ability to effortlessly shift sounds without staying in one place too long, making the journey into creating and running their ‘Souvenir’ label an effortless transition. This chameleon-like approach to DJing, creating and promoting music add more reasons why their Renaissance Mix Collection release is an essential listen.

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