One of dubstep's biggest labels Tempa Records has just released J:Kenzo's newest EP titled Bloodlines.

What’s striking about J:Kenzo’s tracks is how few elements they contain, but how powerfully each is utilised – previous Tempa singles such as The Roteks and Ruffhouse reduce dubstep to the barest essentials required to shake a dancefloor to the foundations. Each of the tracks on the Bloodlines EP takes a drastically different approach – from the Blade Runner-esque synths of Enter Valarak to the ultra-percussive whirlwind of Ricochet, and from the pulsating and direct Cause And Effect to the dark bass stabs of title track Bloodlines. [Rinse]


Also, ahead of the release of his mix for Tempa's Dubstep Allstars series on 29 July and this EP, J:Kenzo sat down with Plastician to talk about his musical background, his discovery of dubstep at DMZ and FWD», how Youngsta discovered his productions and signed him to Tempa. Peep it.