Infinity Ink Bank Big Bucks For Pitbull and Flo Rida Track

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Infinity Ink Bank Big Bucks For Pitbull and Flo Rida Track

Infinity Ink have signed away their track “Infinity” for Flo Rida’s latest abomination “Can’t Believe It” featuring Pitbull.

The Crosstown Rebels signed duo of Luca C and Ali Love have allowed their most promising production “Infinity” to be used by the most heavily hated rappers of the industry… and their fans are not happy.

Taking to the pairs official Facebook page come a barrage of hate, some still unsure how the final product came about.

Did you guys actually allow that sample to be used by Flo Rida and Pitball? Or was it a label decision? It’s disastrous either way. – Tom Sutton-Roberts

Infinity Ink Congratulations you killed your best song. A song which is immortal, a song that.. you know?
when the kick drum starts everybody in the fucking club knows that this is the kickdrum of Infinity Ink. I didn’t like the rap part, but it is still better then flo rida’s and pitbulls together. shame on you! – Kenneth van Andersson

Would like to know what you guys think about this butchering of your track? – Phil Conway

This isn’t anything new within the industry with further crossovers of relatively legit dance and electronic samples and even full songs being used in more pop circles. It’s just become more apparent that fans are more vocal and the internets ability to cause a stir has become more amplified.

Not to long ago house legend TJR lent a tune to Pitbull (did he ever recover?) while more recently Will.I.Am blatantly ripped off Arty and Mat Zo …and let’s not forget that time Pitbull rapped over Baauer’s world conquering “Harlem Shake”.

Diplo has also entered the foray calling out Flo Rida as a “fukboi” for ripping the concept for one of his earlier video’s for Flo’s video for “Can’t Believe It”.

What do you make of it? Any guesses how much the guys banked?


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